APPS is happy to provide our members with concentrates. We have searched for the highest quality of product. APPS has met with Sky Ranch and we are happy to provide some new medications. Please click on their name to get more information about the products.

1. OG Kush Honey OilGreat product for Full-Melt Vaporizers Revolution! Provides clean, effective, long-lasting pain relief.  81%THC, Total Active Cannabinoids: 91%. *VAPE-PEN TESTED, LAB-TESTED.

2. Masster Kush Amber GlassVery glassy, can be shattered like glass. This is your Ultimate Shatter Concentrate! Great for dabbing, Vape-Pens, G-pens, Etc. Very Sedative effects, perfect for instant pain relief or trouble sleeping through the night. Must be stored in freezer, and shattered onto parchment paper, or else it will shatter all over the room. Place in freezer to re-crystallize. *VAPE-PEN TESTED, LAB-TESTED.

3. Master Kush GoldCrystallized, dehydrated hash oil, in dust form. Amber/golden full melt crystals. Fine crystals, that when heated turns to oil. Place in freezer to re-crystallize. *VAPE-PEN TESTED, LAB-TESTED.

4. CO2 KiefThis keif is very powerful, amazing flavor and smoothness. Very fine crystals, taken from high quality cannabis flowers using C02 in the form of dry ice by freezing the crystals through premium-quality nylon screens. LAB-TESTED.



 A NEW edition to the APPS Family… Oil Syringe’s

We have found these amazing new products that come to us in a syringe and allow you to place the product right in your E-joint or G-pen. Also great for the flowers and nail experiences. Just an all around good product. We have many flavors and look forward to adding more. Please check out our menus to get the latest flavors.


“O” Pen Cartridges

We are also happy to announce we are carrying the “O” Pen Cartridge. Each Cartridge is filled with hash oil from Med-West. These come in many different flavors. The “O” Pen itself comes in white or black. The cartridges also come in different sizes 250mg and 500mg. Please check out our selection…


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Cannabee Equalizer

The all new eJoint® EQUALIZER™ is a game changer for the Vapor Pen Industry… now the original, sleekest looking, most perception managed DR RECOMMENDED Vapor Pen on the Market has just become even more versatile!

The EQUALIZER™ Load now enables you to Fill Your Own (FYO) Load with either oil or glycol based solutions! Now you can medicated your way Wherever Whenever and choose between oil or glycol depending on privacy and setting

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